Shipping labels easily removed

Using traditional adhesive labels on reusable packaging causes various problems. Either they are impossible to fully remove, causing ‘label build-up’ or they fall off during transport.

Dukale Services offers you a total solution: the Placard label holder. Thanks to our patented Hold & Release TechnologyTM, this adhesive product is the ideal carrier for almost any label. The unique top coating of this premium product keeps the label in place, while allowing easy removal, without leaving any glue or label residue behind. Watch this video to see how it works:

The Placard is a one-off investment to ensure long-term protection of returnable packaging items against label- and adhesive residues. This will improve your logistic process, reduce handling time and enhance your company image.

Main advantages of the Placard label holder:

  • long-term protection of your returnable packaging against label- and adhesive residues
  • One-off investment per reusable packaging item: minimise costs to ±€ 0.01 per round-trip
  • No risk of scanning incorrect barcodes, thus avoiding ICT-conflicts during data processing
  • No need for costly, labour-intensive cleaning or scrapping
  • Avoid bad looking adhesive residues, hence improving your company’s overall image

Try it yourself

The best way to discover the Placard’s many benefits, is to try it out.