“Dukale Services has built up more than 15 years of experience in all kinds of industries. That is why we offer the best solution for your labelling issues.”

About us

Our focus is to find the right answer to a smooth removal of labels on reusable packaging. As such, we are the official agent of the genuine Placard label holder in Europe. Reason enough to know more about us!

We look at the surface material, size and operational circumstances. Then, we guide you through a wide range of Placard label holders. We are a niche player and that makes us able to always strive for an unmatched ease of use. As a result, you save costs as well as the environment.

We are very proud to be the leading expert in effective labelling solutions for reusable packaging. That’s how we provide you with broad knowhow in the field of modern and long lasting packaging solutions.

Walter Vanbeveren

Managing Dukale Services with great passion


Ann Van den Sande

Ann Van den Sande

In love with marketing and communication



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