Dukale Placard label holders

Our product offering is fully focused on user-friendly and sustainable labelling solutions. Dukale Placard label holders feature a unique top coating, which keeps the labels in place. While they allow easy removal without any glue or label residue. Thanks to our patented Hold & Release TechnologyTM, the Placard label holders always work well, even on difficult materials such as EPP, EPS and galvanised steel.

Our Placards provide a comprehensive long-term solution for labeling reusable packaging at the cost of one single residue cleaning effort. On top of that, they can be used in cooling rooms and on packaging that is washed or stored outdoors.

Find our applications below.

Container Placard

Our main product works perfectly on a broad range of reusable packaging items. Including plastic totes, cardboard boxes and metal containers. In order to meet your needs, Dukale Services offers a wide range of qualities and size types.

The Rack Placard

Just like reusable containers, racks are often fouled by adhesive labels. Our Rack Placard has been developed to resolve this problem. The standard solution consists of a continuous 30-metre roll with a width of 25, 50, 75 or 100 mm. The roll gets cut to the length you require. You choose the width of the Rack Placard based on the available space on the beams of your warehouse racks. We have two product qualities available, matching different operational circumstances.

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