Dukale continues its operations, despite COVID-19

Due to the current threat of COVID-19, lots of organizations have stopped their activities. Dukale continues its operations, despite COVID-19.

As the global situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we keep monitoring the situation. We watch over the health and safety of our staff and our partners. And we check the impact on our supply chain.

We are talking on a daily basis with all our vendors and transport partners to check their status. And we are happy to confirm that all production continues, with some delays. We have been informed that product lead times could expand to 5 extra business days. In order to mitigate any delays on orders, we consider taking in extra stock to be prepared for fluctuating demand.

Regarding Health and Safety, Dukale Service bv has taken king the necessary measures to ensure that the safety of our team, our partners and any external contacts is the highest priority.

As we already confirmed in an earlier communication, we will remain fully operational in the upcoming weeks. Techno-logical! Because it is perfectly possible for us to do our work remotely.

Dukale continues its operations. We remain available by email and telephone, and we work with Microsoft Teams, if you would like to have a video call with us. We are doing everything possible to stay connected with you. Thank you very much for your understanding. We value your business.

Please take care of yourselves and each other!

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