5 easy steps to apply the Placard

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Step 1

In order to ensure that the Placard stays in place for a long time, only apply the product on a clean and dry surface. Do not use any aggressive products to clean plastic surfaces, as this may alter the surface.


Step 2

Remove the liner from the Placard for about 5 cm and place the adhesive side on the surface of the container whilst focusing on the final position of the Placard.


Step 3

Pull the remaining liner from underneath the Placard straight out.


Step 4

Remove any remaining air by pressing hard and swiping the yellow tool supplied across the whole surface (top-down and left-right).


Step 5

Allow 24 hours for hardening of the adhesive before cleaning/washing the container on which the Placard has been applied.


During steps 1 through 5, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 10°C, as this could affect the performance in adhesion of the Placard label holder.